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Aug 16, 2006 05:03 AM

Picnic Items at les Halles du Gare?

On the first leg of my swing through Montreal this year (I posted some queries on the more leisurely leg below) I'll be flying in late, staying at the QE and taking a morning train out the next day. In the past I've picked up a cake or other sweets for my mother at les Halles du Gare, but this time I'll be headed straight for a picnic. Any recommendations for (hopefully savory) picnic fare? I won't have time to stop anywhere else.

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  1. The bakery Premier Moisson has great bread, plus they sell pates & cheeses (they may also have salads avail. at that time). At lunch they have great sandwiches available; they may be able to make some up for you in the a.m. (They also sell quiches, not sure of quality; I'm fussy about the crust.)
    In the mornings, they will grill baguettes, croissants or sliced hearty bread, spread butter+ filling of choice, such as cheese (Brie or cheddar) or creton. Good, and may serve as a snack for later.
    Madame Nature may have salads set up, but it may be early for it. Recommend the tabbouleh, snow pea salad and lentil salad.
    Those are the only 2 places I'd recommend.

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      Thanks. Premier Moisson is where I usually stop.

      I forgot to mention that I will be crossing the border (at Cornwall) so meats may and soft cheeses may be a problem. The salad idea sounds good.

      I think there's a depanneur/specialy shop there that sells Fairmount bagels, too, but I may be confusing it with another location.

      The QE must have its own food shop; anything good there?