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Aug 16, 2006 04:46 AM

Green Tea Treats

Does anyone know where I can find green tea cookies, pastries, chocolates or yogurt? I'm wondering if a matcha-flavored macaroon exists in LA, or anywhere really.

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  1. i know that francis in j-town has a few green tea goodies... don't know about the macarons...but i sure make a good one!

    1. The matcha cookies and mousse cakes at Jin Patisserie in Venice and at Wien Konditorei in Ktown are great. Some Korean and Japanese (unfortunately, not Frances) bakeries also have loaves of soft green tea bread.

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        Second the recommendation for the macha cookies at Jin Patisserie.

        Phoenix Inn/Bakery in SGV also makes a great green tea pudding.

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          the great tea breads are called castella cake in case you have to ask someone where they are. usually in the bakery section (if there is one) or in refrigerated section. yummers.

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            Kastella/catella/kasutera cakes are softer, lighter, spongier, and sweeter than the green tea shikbbang I'm thinking of. Both are great, but the green tea breads provide a better background for sweet spreads like honey. Toasting the bread only seems to make it taste more freshly "green/grassy" (but maybe I'm just nuts). I wouldn't have honey with kastella because it's already so sweet, but I'd recommend a lavender or acacia with the bread.

        2. Beard Papas in Hollywood and on Sawtelle often offer green tea flavored fillings in the cream puffs sprinkled with matcha powder but check before you go to see what flavors they are offering that day.

          1. there's also green tea ice cream mochi found at japanese markets. there are several brands: mikawaya, maeda-en etc.

            1. my two favorite green tea treats in the whole city:

              1 - green tea yogurt @ pinkberry (amaazing stuff, sometimes i will wait in those horrible lines just to have some of this creation of the gods really is that good, u have to taste it to beleive it!)
              2- matcha green tea chocolate @ compartes chocolate (the infuse green tea and even sprinkle matcha powder on top, love this!) ENJOY!