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Any MEZCAL LOVERS? Where can I find good Mezcal in L.A.?

Just tried El Senorio Mezcal for the first time and was swept away by it's smoky flavor and THCish effects.

Does anyone know where to get it? So far I've tried Bevmo(had none) on Santa Monica Blvd and Larchmont Liquors (had 3 kinds).

Any recommendations for nice, smoky brands.


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  1. I'm not enough of a mezcal guy to steer you to a local source, but I'll be someone on the L.A. board will know.

    You should ask which brands would fit that description on Chowhound's new Spirits board. That's where the connoiseurs hang out and share their passion for the good hooch.


    1. Lots of Mezcals at Beverage Warehouse in Culver City/Marina Del Rey.
      It is on McConnell St at the end, you turn into a long driveway with lots of businesses and go all the way to the end.

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      1. Vendome Liquors in Studio City carries some. The best brand is the Del Maguey label. They have a bunch of different types. None are cheap. My favorite is the smokiest, Chichicapa. Worth the $70-80.


        1. if you really like good Mezcal you need to buy Mezcal from Oaxaca state. they are several good brands there.

          I'm from Oaxaca but I'm living in Minnesota now. my friends here in Minnesota love Mezcal and everytime I go back to visit my family in Oaxaca I buy 3 or 4 bottles of Mezcal Beneva, which is a good brand. I can bring you one if you want .


          1. I'm terrible with Mezcal brands, but if you want to sample a bunch of Mescals, there is no better place than El Carmen on Third St. by the Beverly Center. That is where I was introduced to Mezcals. Try to go there on a slow night, sit at the bar, and ask if someone there can educate you about Mezcals.

            1. i fell in love w/mezcal when i visited oaxaca a few years ago & i definitely prefer the smokier varieties. i don't remember brands, but i've had a few tasty shots at both malo in silverlake and at guelaguetza.

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                Beneva is good and smokie. I always have extra bottles at home because my friends here in Minnesota love Mezcal

                I don't know if you can find Beneva here in the states. when did you go to Oaxaca? I go to Oaxaca all the time if you want I can bring you a bottle of Mezcal.

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                  oh man, i would LOVE a bottle from oaxaca! i haven't been since 2005...i took classes at becari and lived with a family for 6 weeks...it was an amazing experience. i'll see if i can run down a bottle of beneva here in l.a. thanks for the tip.

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                    man!!! I was an Intercambio of many students at Becari for years.

                    aprendi mucho ingles con mis intercambios, escribeme a mi email lescasjoy@hotmail.com

              2. I've seen a small selection at Wine House on Cotner (Parking on the roof by the way). I can' tsay for certain, but I would think Tlapazola would offer up a few higher end mezcals since they have a beautiful tequila selection and they are a Oaxacan restaurant.

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                  Tlapazola does serve several, but I think the OP is looking to buy a bottle. Come to think of it Edwin (the bartender) would probably sell you a bottle if you asked nicely...

                2. Top Line has a good selection:


                  Also of course, the best place to sample some is Las Perlas on 6th downtown, across from Coles. They know what mezcal is all about. Most LA Bartenders have never heard of it.

                  If you find yourself wanting a good kick, try the NINETY-SIX Proof Mezcal by Metl, their site also can tell you where to buy it: http://metlmezcal.com

                  Las Perlas
                  107 E 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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                    I sure hope the OP found it in the last 5 years

                  2. Barkeeper on Sunset in Silverlake has a selection, including a few Del Maguey as recommended by a previous poster.