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Aug 16, 2006 04:14 AM

Super aged Gouda gone from Costco

You snooze, you lose. 2 of the 3 wines that I bought there last time, wines rated 90 points in the 12 dollar price range were also sold out. The third wine was still there, it was the best of the 3 by far. I think it isn't selling as well because of the twist top instead of a cork. You really have to stay on your toes. New favorite is a pure white Irish Farmhouse Cheddar. Really good but not in the same league as the Gouda.

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  1. Is the Irish cheese labelled Dubliner? If so, it's technically not a cheddar and doesn't taste like it. It's one of our regular buys from Costco who sell it way below market price around here.

    The cheese section in our local Costco has all kinds of new, wonderful selections. We've bought parmigiana reggiano, Comte, pecorino toscano and real buffalo milk mozzarello, all at prices which amaze me. DH has to restrain me from scooping it all up in armloads because I can't believe they can sell it so inexpensively.