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Where did the "new" flag go?

Sandra W Aug 16, 2006 03:48 AM

When this site first went up, there was a "new" flag whenever something new/unread popped up on a topic. I don't see that anymore... which means I can sometimes wade through old posts over and over again. Any way you can go back to the way it was?

  1. Cpt Wafer Aug 16, 2006 04:04 AM

    I've noticed when I haven't logged in the "new" flags don't appear. After I log in they appear.

    1. Tee Aug 16, 2006 12:56 PM

      same here, just log on again, Sandra.

      1. Tatum Aug 16, 2006 02:05 PM

        Yes, that feature only works if you are logged in. Without geeking out too much, it is the only way to tell what you have read no matter what computer you log into.

        1. s
          Sandra W Aug 16, 2006 10:53 PM

          Silly me. Thanks.

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