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Aug 16, 2006 03:41 AM

German Food / Musuem Baltimore

Years ago a friend took me to a restaurant that was also basically a museum. It had an old style stag bar with nudes that dated back to the turn of the century.

It had great muffins, german food etc.

Is this still around? Does anybody have a name, location... ?

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  1. Sounds like you're talking about Haussner's, which used to be on Eastern Avenue in Highlandtown. It's been gone for a few years, now. The art collection sold at auction in New York for quite a bit of money.

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    1. re: Hal Laurent

      I really miss that place. One of the busts from Haussner's is now at Della Notte in Little Italy. Unfortunately, that's the only reason to go there.

    2. Ahh, the late, lamented Haussners. Closed in 1999 or so IIRC. Last outpost of decent German food in Baltimore City. I recently saw a National Geographic about Baltimore from 1975 or so in which Haussner's got a full page picture (which barely did it justice). A truly old school Baltimore experience.

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        actually, there is a great little German place out near Aberdeen. I've been there and loved it- great weiner schnizel. My husband grew up in Germany and also says their schnitzel is wonderful. it's called the Gasthaus.

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          Is that the place on Route 40 south of Aberdeen? Kinda of a lonely building standing on its own?

          1. re: KAZ

            that's it- try it! esp the weiner schnitzel.

      2. In case any further confirmation is required...yes, you must be talking about Haussner's, and yes, it is closed.

        1. Ah, but Aberdeen is not Baltimore City (see my post) I would throw the Old Stein Inn on Rte. 2 into the equation also if we are leaving the City Limits.

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          1. re: aubzamzam

            oh- I've never heard of it. should I try it?

          2. Yes that would in fact be the place I was thinking of. Now that you mention the name I remember it. It's really to bad it's closed. I am planning a roadtrip from Dallas to Boston in later October, and I was thinking about a little stop... Ah well just have to do crab cakes instead :)