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Aug 16, 2006 03:01 AM

My 'Vintage 2004' Pesto TOTALLY Rocks! (w/PHOTO)

Tonight I served tomato basil soup with ciabatta slathered with pesto (vintage 2004), then topped with cream havarti and baked. It was fantastic (if I do say so myself). The combination was outstanding, I'll make this into a version of panini next time.

I left the table to shoot the photo below. Sorry, but it was almost dark.

My hyper-crital family members ate my (2 YEAR OLD) pesto (from the freezer) out of the bowl in spoonfuls--fighting for each morsel! This proves my point--a good pesto stands the test of time...

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  1. How did you manage to keep pesto that long? I make and freeze pesto regularly but it's eaten within a month or two.

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      I freeze my pesto in ramekins at the end of each summer. We had a 60-HOUR power outage in July, and at the 50-hour mark a friend offered her freezer to me (was desperate!). This is when I came across the defrosted 2004 pesto. I decided to re-freeze it.

      My pesto is more like a paste (don't like it oily), perhaps this is why it freezes so well? My garden grown Basil Genovese, in contrast to other sweet basils, has no trace of anise flavor (can test by rubbing leaves with your fingers, then smelling). Maybe this allows it to retain it's pure basil flavor?

    2. I am glad to know it freezes for so long. It's nice to make a small investment of time and get such long range good results. BTW, the photo of the pesto cheese bread looks delicious.