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Aug 16, 2006 02:26 AM

New Concept - a lunch worth eating

Emerged on cloud nine after a really wonderful dim sum lunch at New Concept. First, there's easy parking and plenty of it. Second, a really nice cheery room, well furnished with utterly cute plates (but tinsy tiny paper napkins). The place was full and Mme Z and I were the only non Asians there' we ordered scallop porridge, unbelievably delicious shrimp dim sum, huge mushroom filled dim sum , scallop dim sum, chinese broccoli, small shrimp dumplings and Macao pork. Wanted to eat the turnip cake that we had when there was a SCARF event a year or so ago, but were too full. This is such high quality food (sorry I cannot remember the real names of all this) but the freshness just sings and this place is really worth the stop.

New Concept
700 S.Atlantic
Monterey Park

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  1. Totally agree. And for those of you who grew up with a Chinese grandma (or for those fo you who didn't but wanted one), New Concept has the best ham yui (phonetic) pork meatpatty I've had in a really long time. It's kind of like meatloaf but made from ground pork, and flavored with, among other things, a piece of dried, salted fish. Strange as it may sound, the dish was really light and fragrant, not heavy and smelly. Mmmmm....I so wish I worked near Monterey Park.