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Aug 16, 2006 01:20 AM

Urgent (repost): Where to find Belgium sausage (fricadelle or frikandel) in Los Angeles?

I'm really desperate to find these for a friend's birthday coming up. Someone recommended one place in Santa Monica, but does anyone know of anything further east? Anything in Hollywood or east of it would be great (will go as far as Monrovia).


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  1. Call up Schreiner's in Glendale -- they're German, not Belgian, but they may be able to point you.

    (Side note: what's with this "Belgium" business? "Belgium" is a country and an intergalactic swear word... I keep seeing things like "Belgium Waffles" on menus when they actually mean "Belgian Waffles".)

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      What are you saying? I should't say France Fries either? Or Germany Potato Salad? Russia Dressing? :)

    2. It took my old college roommate Karl (I used to steal his fricadelle from the frig when he was in class) to remind me of Continental Gourmet Sausage, on San Fernando Road in Glendale. If anybody has it, they will (or will at least lead you in the right direction). One caveat: as I remember, the couple who run this place are kind of, well, surly. But it's well worth it.

      1. Thank you thank you!

        Sorry, I meant Belgian.