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Aug 16, 2006 12:47 AM

SoCal Hound visiting this weekend - lunch, dinner and ballpark recs...

Going to Dodgers Giants game Fri night. Any great places to eat near there before or after the game?

Spending 3 nites in SF. Only have 1 reservation so far - Slanted Door on Sun night. Any other recs for Saturday or lunch either day? Staying near union square on Nob Hill. I've read names like Canteen, Tartine, Coco500. For lunch I'd love a unique SF experience, maybe something in chinatown or near the Wharf. Also intend on hitting up the farmer's market on Saturday.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. I suppose I'm just going to reiterate my own faves here but, if I only had a couple of days, and was in that neighborhood, I'd try: Zuni, Boulevard, Fog City Diner, One Market, Yank Sing (lunch).

    1. Try Acme Chophouse at the ballpark. Excellent steaks and burgers. FYI - Zuni Cafe is nowhere near Boulevard, Yank Sing, etc.

      1. Oh, indeed, Zuni is a bit out of the way from the others. But, let's face it, S.F. isn't exactly a geographically huge town (especially on the scale of L.A.). And I, for one, would hate to miss out on a place of Zuni's quality simply because it was a bit too far out of hte way...

        1. Coco500 is two blocks from the ballpark. They are open all day on Fridays from around 11 am. Acme Chop house may be at the ballpark but it is hardly unique to SF and doesn't even gets consistantly high marks on this board.

          If you MUST eat at the Wharf, Scoma's has a nice lunch special with three courses for #21.95. They have stellar fresh fish, but the rest of the stuff is average at best ... however, it is one of the better wharf choices.

          1. It's true the Wharf has little outstanding, however the Blue Mermaid at the Argonaut Hotel has the most amazing dungeness crab chowder with corn and a little jalapeno finished with a cilantro pesto.