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Aug 16, 2006 12:28 AM

Fresh sour cherries--any left in the area?

Help! Wilson's seems to only have had them for two weeks and does not expect any more (as of Sunday, 8/13). Does anyone know if any are still around Boston, or of any local supplies? I need at least a few more quarts to freeze and save for winter.....

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  1. I would think the season would be over by now: it's very short, not more than a couple of weeks. If you think of how quickly cherries blossom, you realize that that the window of opportunity for fruit to ripen is pretty short; it's not like there's a national crop, but only small regional ones.

    1. I'm having the same sad experience -- Stop and Shop actually carries them in season (same ones from a NY orchard as Wilson's carries, but generally cheaper); I got a quart last week but it looked like the supply was dwindling, and when I looked yesterday they were gone. I might try Russo's as a last shot, but I haven't seen them there in the past. Also worth asking at Whole Foods, as they sometimes have had them in the past, and their produce people are really helpful about seeking stuff out.

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        We were at Russo's on Saturday. I didn't see any sour cherries.

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          I'd also encourage you to talk to the produce people at your local Whole Foods. Last November I asked them if they'd be able to special order me a couple of pounds of (sweet) cherries at Christmas-time as part of a Christmas gift for a friend who is crazy about cherries. They said they'd be more than happy to do it, and that I just needed to give them a couple of days notice before I wanted them. As it turned out, they had a small quantity of cherries in the store the week before Christmas anyway, so there was no need, but I was really impressed that they'd be willing to go so far out of their way for such a small and picky special request. I bet they'd do whatever they could to track down some sour cherries for you too.