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Aug 16, 2006 12:28 AM

Where to Eat in Torrance?

Any good restuarants? All I can seem to find are chains and that weird "Hawaiian" place.

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  1. The Depot, off Torrance Blvd. at Cabrillo. Aioli, directly across the street from the Depot, is okay for lunch. At Carson & Western is the Mikawa Japanese market, with a food court offering just about every type of Japanese cuisine. There are also Japanese restaurants on the Carson Blvd. side of that center, including Musha. The Torrance Bakery in Old Town Torrance has a sandwich counter that's good for a quick lunch (about $6 for sandwich, chips, and a cookie), but I can't recommend their other baked goods. Sonya's, another tiny sandwich shop, is on Torrance Blvd. near Cabrillo. Consistently good, if uninspired, sandwiches and salads.

    Hope this helps you out.

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    1. re: CynD

      Go to Musha now and forget everyone else

    2. aioli is good for tapas

      christine's is more for fine dining (california cuisine)

      i-naba on hawthorne has fantastic japanese-more noted for the tempura

      if you want to venture out to manhattan beach, michi and avenue are great restaurant options as well...

      1. Ditto on Christine--it's the best restaurant in Torrance.

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        1. re: Nicole

          Christine's would be a good place anywhere in the City, but in the South Bay, it is a great place. It is not cheap, though.

        2. These are great choices, but slightly expensive -- I was looking for a great cheap find....that's not japanese (I love it, but it's for a picky party)

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            although it's a chain, elephant bar on the corner of hawthorne and torrance has great food and drinks.

            el pollo inka has good peruvian chicken dishes

            pizza at samy's woodfire pizza on crenshaw and pch

            there used to be cafe luna on carson for italian, but i'm not sure if it's still there...

            1. re: tuttifrutti

              Yes it is a chain, and the Elephant Bar is an insult to pachyderms everywhere:


              1. re: tuttifrutti

                We like the Elephant Bar. Wide choice of good, not great, menue items for a reasonable price. Ketchy decor s fun for the grandaughter. Nice kids menu. 20% off for you senior citizens for the same portion meals.

            2. Sammy's Woodfired Pizza is a great pick. Friendly service, great salads, desserts. Something for everyone. When I'm in that area, Sammy's is where I eat. Beautiful patio day or night w/pit fireplace.