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Aug 16, 2006 12:12 AM

Sunnyside - Yeti

Anyone else been? I get take out there rather frequently and find some surprising and delicious food there.

Their Yeti Salad is not much, apart from the generous portions of shredded sashimi! A real bargain, this.

The Thalis are a treat, served in a bento-y box of all sorts of strange side dishes that seem to change each time I order. And it includes a soup made of garlic and buckwheat leaves, which is pretty intense. I happen to love it, but they give you so much that it's hard to finish.

They claim to serve a lot of mutton; I'm sure it's lamb, but who knows - I've been buying tinned New Zealand Mutton for spaghetti...

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  1. I had the pleasure of eating in at Yeti recently. It is one of the coziest, sweetest little restaurants I have been to in a long while! The reddish, glossy hardwood floors, the twinkly little lights and the cooking aromas and was it incense? all contributed to a very soft, warm and festive atmosphere. Staff couldn't be nicer. I can't wait to go back!

    We started with the fantastic momos served with 4 or 5 unusual hot sauces, and a strange, jerky-like beef appetizer. Only for diehard jerky fans, and I believe my friend may have cracked his crown on it. Anyway, the momos were wonderful, and I kind of liked the jerky in a weird way. We also got a fine seaweed salad and some miso soup, which was not the grainy, sloppy leftover-tasting stuff one often gets when it's free, but a lovely, bright-tasting version with plenty of seaweed and fresh tofu.

    I got the vegetable Thali, which was buttery and addictive, and well balanced with steamed Chinese broccoli, the aforementioned soup, and a mixture of peas and potatos. The fragrant, perfectly cooked rice was also accompanied by a sweetish tomato sauce and some mild pickles. The hot sauces, intended for the momos, went with all. My dining companion got a sushi combination which he also enjoyed.

    I unfortunately didn't have trouble finishing anything, and am still feeling plump a couple of days later. I highly recommend this place.