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Aug 16, 2006 12:11 AM

Authentic Mexican in Mesa

My husband will be on a business trip to Mesa, AZ next week. He's looking for a great Mexican place for dinner. Decor/service/ambiance doesn't matter---authentic Mexican taste is what he's after. He's especially fond of salsa verde. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I think you're going to receive this in more than one suggestion: unless he's staying in far east Mesa...he needs to take a car and go over to Scottsdale Rd. (2534 N. Scottsdale Rd. - just N of McKellips) to Los Sombreros. It's the most authentic Mexican restaurant in any proximity to Mesa...

    1. He'll love El Tlacoyo, over on University about half a mile west of the 101. It hides well behind a convenience store, but it's as authentic Mexico as you'll find anywhere.

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        I knew there was a recent thread about El Tlacoyo, but, the search engine didn't find it for me, so, here's a link:

      2. Los Dos Molinos

        Address: 260 S Alma School Rd # 137, Mesa, AZ 85210
        Phone: (480) 969-7475

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            I think it should be noted that Filiberto's is a drive-thru / take-out kind of place.


          2. When visiting the Center for Performing Arts in Mesa, we discovered that there are some wonderful taquerias nearby. We drove east on Main Street from the performing arts area, and on two different occasions had very good luck. We don't recall the names, but both were on the north side of Main Street, maybe a mile east of the center, and one was next to another small shop selling liquados (drinks made from fresh fruit), ice cream and paletas (frozen fruit bars). That one had a very limited menu of tacos and tortas made with carne asada and al pastor, and the quality was very good. The other had a more extensive menu; I ordered birria. These weren't Filibertos or any of the similar chains.

            We live in the opposite corner of the Valley so we haven't been to that area for several months, but we have been meaning to venture over there on a Saturday to explore further.

            Sarah C