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Aug 15, 2006 11:24 PM

three trips to scoops

The first visit was the day that Korea lost to France in the World Cup. Scoops was the consolation prize to self and pups after sitting on the lawn in Koreatown off Wilshire watching the game with all the other fans. There were five of us--one picky guest pup who rejected all ice cream when he discovered that Scoops doesn't have plain vanilla. But the rest of us---after generous tastes of at least half the flavors--- had scoops of strawberry cheesecake, custardfruit/jackfruit, butterscotch&butterbrickle, chocolate peanut butter and one fig&yogurt milkshake. Yum. In particular, the strawberry cheesecake had discernable hunks of cheesecake in it, the chocolate peanut butter, both chocolatey and peanutbuttery with a rich dark color, was pronounced "my favorite" by the 6 year old.

For reasons which escape me, it took us over a month to get back there but when we did, the owner greeted us "hi, long time isn't it? not since the Korea game?" yikes! how did he recognize us---is he a real person? This time we were celebrating my getting off work early by having icecream for dinner. The flavors were all different this time and the choices were really rough. In the end, we had mocha cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake and cashew anise. And after my scoop of cashew anise was gone, I headed back for a refill of strawberry lavender which was AMAZING.... We brought home a peach almond milkshake for husband [and didn't even taste it on the way home] which he enjoyed greatly.

Two days later, we were back in a flash to buy pints for a party. To my dismay, the strawberry lavender was all gone and replaced by a bevy of yummy new flavors. As before, we tried lots and then settled on single pints of peach almond, chocolate oreo, white chocolate brandy and [believe it or not] walnut raisin gorgonzola. The peach almond tasted like peach wine [that french infused stuff] smells, the chocolate oreo had hunks of oreo in it, the white chocolate brandy had brandy [and almost nudged strawberry cheesecake out the six year old's heart for Favorite] and the gorgonzola--well, as a fellow taster said, its a meal. Not really sweet, pleasant taste of gorgonzola and walnut, screamed for a water cracker and maybe a glass of sherry. Curiously enough, the ice cream choice of the 8 year old pup though a number of adults at the dinner didn't know what to make of it.

All pints were pretty much inhaled at the party but the last of the walnut gorgonzola went home with us and hid in the freezer for about a week. When we finished it off, we decided that it had gotten a little crystelly. I still think it would make steller ice cream sandwich appetizers with those pepper/poppyseed water crackers from Trader Joes.

so final flavors we have tasted run down to date:
butterscotch-butter brickle
chocolate oreo
chocolate peanut butter
custard fruit-jackfruit
mocha cheesecake
peach almond
strawberry cheesecake
strawberry lavender
walnut raisin gorgonzola
white chocolate brandy

If you have tried other flavors, do share.

I can't wait until the weekend!

712 North Heliotrope Drive
LA CA 90029
open noon to 9pm, monday to Saturday

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  1. Cashew-anise? I'm curious what that was like.

    Of the exotics I've had Scoops, the best might have been the pistachio-lychee, which much to my surprise reminded me of green tea mochi for some reason. Odd, but wonderfully delicious.

    1. Day before yesterday, I had tiramisu and coffee-hazelnut (I know, coffee, coffee, and coffee...) and had a taste of green tea-horchata; Chowspouse had ginger-wasabi (which she said was tasty, but needed much more ginger) and (IIRC) pineapple/pine-nut. We also saw, but didn't try tamarind-cinnamon.

      So, at those prices (LOW), and at that location, how's this guy gonna stay afloat? PLEASE support him!

      r gould-saltman

      1. Today...vegan flavors: chai (perfect!), cookie dough (a favorite for shakes even though it doesn't work well with a straw), and coffee/peanut butter (a surprisingly tasty combination).

        Tell your friends!!

        1. I went to Scoops tonight and got two scoops: One of Lemon & Black Pepper ice cream and another of Pineapple-Guava sorbet. Both were very good and refreshing. I also tried Black Sesame which was also excellent.

          1. Back again. Chocolate-habanero, brown bread (spouse)
            sour-cherry-cinnamon and mango-apple (me)

            r gould-saltman