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Aug 15, 2006 11:22 PM

Getting gyped out of your groceries- urgh!

This is the second time this has happened to me in as many months! I bought a bunch of stuff, enough to fill up a grocery bag, which somehow did not make it into my trunk. That was a month or so ago.
Tonight, I went to pull out my asparagus, and there is no asparagus. Very aggravating.
I usually go to two places, and both have baggers that bag and then transport to the car. I'm beginning to think I should tell them to go to another aisle, as I'll just bag my stuff myself.

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  1. I typically bag and load my own stuff for this reason. I mean, that way, if it doesn't make it home, I only have myself to blame! But your way sounds good too :)


    1. If your baggers put your stuff in those sleazy plastic bags, better check under whatever else you carry in your trunk to make sure that asparagus didn't fall out of the collapsed bag and slither beneath.

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        oooh...don't get me started on those flimsy plastic bags...the baggers down here put like one item in each bag and I start seeing red and morphing into...well, suffice it to say I try to bag my own in the big paper bags and I pack them heavy.

        1. re: Marsha

          Yeah, I was sure i had a bought a package of ribs one time but got distracted putting the groceries away. It was winter and after a week or so had gone by when I went down into the garage to get into the carI'd notice an odor of rotting meat but did not smell it in the car and off I would go. Being parked out doors for several hours in the cold the meat would freeze and then thaw when in the garage. It may have been two or 3 weeks before I discovered it in my trunk.

        2. It's very frustrating when this happens. It happens almost every time I shop at Randall's here in Houston (which is only about 3-4 times a year). The last time it happened my entire bag of produce was missing. All of that work picking out just the right grapes, cherries, tomatos, onions - all down the drain.

          I went back and asked for my money back, and the manager was reluctant to give it back. But since I had the receipt he finally agreed but said he was going to watch the security footage from the time during my visit and I'd better not be trying to pull a fast one.

          Of course, I haven't been back since. No wonder their chain is going broke. Though, I was kinda impressed and yet frightened that they kept that kind of footage.

          1. This is quite timely. I went shopping this a.m. only to arrive home and discover the turkey bacon I bought did not make the trip with me. I checked the receipt to make sure I actually bought it, which I did. I then went to the car for another look see to make sure it didn't fall out of the bag. It didn't.

            Sigh. I grappled with myself--is it worth the 3 bucks and change, finally decided yes. So I went back to the store, receipt in hand and told the guy at the service desk my tale of woe. He didn't give me a rough time and just told me to get a replacement and check with him...I guess to make sure I didn't take an upgrade. All well and good, I go home, put it away, only to find.......the original turkey bacon. I had inadvertently mixed it with other stuff when I put it in the refrigerator.

            Yes, I returned it, with a little egg on my face. At least the service desk guy had the decency to at least not laugh in my face.

            1. Because of this very issue, I simply use the self-check lanes exclusively in large groceries. The only place where I buy groceries and have someone else bagging is a local co-op. But if I'm in a Harris Teeter or something, yep, self-check it is!