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Aug 15, 2006 11:14 PM

the orchard gets liquor license

just fyi...the orchard restaurant has been approved for a liquor license and is slated to start serving drinks after labor day.

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  1. hi, I just called them and got connected to their voicemail message that still says that it is BYOB restaurant with no corkage fee.

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    1. re: Dandel

      There is a wine list on their website, and I'd hear that they were supposed to start serving alcohol after Labor Day.

    2. Had dinner at The Orchard tonight (9/16), and it's still BYOB. I had to run around the corner to September Wine & Spirits (Stanton & Ludlow) to buy a bottle of wine. Not only that, but they've taken the mini carrot cakes off of their dessert menu, which was disappointing, given the raves on this board and others. Still, it was a delightful meal.

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      1. re: americanafan

        we had dinner at the orchard last night, 9/16, as well, and even though they have a wine list on their website, it is still BYOB with no corkage fee.
        I liked the yellowfin tuna tartare but thought the cavatelli was just so-so. My wife did not like her caesar salad or pumpkin salad.

      2. I just had dinner there this last Saturday. Its still BYOW. I read some people complained about the portions being small. I didn't encounter small dishes on my last dinner. I'm a big guy and I think the food was quite filling. I got the paella and and the lobster empanadas and found it to be quite satisfying. I was too full to eat dessert.