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Aug 15, 2006 11:06 PM


The parental units are coming back from Aviara up the 405 and want fried chicken for dinner back in L.A. (A bit incongruous, admittedly.)

Not Ivy, not Harold & Belle's, not Aunt Kizzy's, no fastfood, no Roscoe's.

I'd very much appreciate recommendations w/phone #'s if possible!
Thanks. -- Jordan

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  1. Try MEMPHIS -- only thing really worth getting there.

    (323) 465-8600

    1. There is a new fried chicken place in Culver City called Honey's that is really good with excellent biscuits and it seems to travel well for take out.

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      1. re: ellasmama

        Agreed - Honey's Kettle Fried Chicken is excellent. Reminds me of Golden Bird chicken during its heyday.

        1. re: ellasmama

          Honeys Kettle is not new, and it's HORRIBLE. No flavor at all, only grease. Service is bad too. But those biscuits are tasty.

          1. re: slacker

            i actually like the fried chicken at honey's kettle but i totally agree on the other 2 pts....their biscuits are delish and the service is atrocious!

        2. Awk! You may have to go to Cynthia's.

          1. I had the best fried chicken of my entire life last night at the Torrance Musha outpost. Granted, it ain't cheap, but it's amazing.

            1. Sister had the fried chicken at OBar last week, and said it was very good, but the batter was unexpectedly spicy. OBar's on Santa Monica Blvd., between La Cienega & Crescent Heights, in WeHo.