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Aug 15, 2006 10:23 PM

Capital's Fried Chicken Wings w/Hot & Salted Pepper - better late than ...

Was in Chinatown for lunch today and decided to give the chicken wings at Capital a try. Especially after I missed the opportunity last time we had a family meal there a few weeks back. An order is 5.90 (6.40 w/tax) - a nice size box is brimming with crispy, perfectly fried chicken wings - there were about 20 pieces dotted liberally with jalapeno and scallion slices. The wings stayed very crisp even after I took them back to my Mother's apartment and we cooked up a few dishes for lunch.


Capital Restaurant
839 Clay Street (tw. Stockton & Grant
)SF CA 94108
415. 397-6269

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  1. looks very good, yum. can you get any sauce for them or would the compromise the texture too much

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    1. re: beer786

      the wings are done in the typical salt & pepper style - that is to say without a sauce. a squeeze of lemon might provide some acid balance .... if you felt so inclined.