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Aug 15, 2006 09:40 PM

Looking for the best of the best in Babylon, NY

Any one know of any outstanding places to eat in Babalon? I was just there and saw many place to eat. What stands out and what is known as a great place to eat?

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  1. There's Kotobuki for first rate sushi. And I like Horace & Sylvia's Publick House for very good American food. A little luncheonette called Glen's Dinette works for breakfast or lunch on the cheap.

    1. Lucy's is fantastic for tapas (small plates) type food.

      Especially the eggplant and tomato quiche and the "ravioli" w/ goat cheese.

      1. I won't go back to Glen's Dinette. I happened to watch them work behind the counter on my second visit, and their bare hands were all over the food.

        1. Emmersons across the street from Argyles was really good. The chef has worked in restaurants in NYC such as Raouls and Park Avenue Cafe. The Steak au Poive (sp?) was delicious.

          The service was way off the night we went, but the food made up for it.