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Aug 15, 2006 09:24 PM

Left over duck

I've got half a duck in my fridge. I roasted it about a week ago and used a red wine pomegranate molasses glaze on it to finish. It was really tasty. There are 2 of us and I am real bad about using up leftovers. Once is enough for me on most food. I hate to let it waste. I need to use it tomorrow. Any leftover duck suggestions? I had thought about reheating it gently to warm and recrisp the skin and maybe do a kind of Chinese chicken salad thing with it but I am open to all sorts of suggestions.

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  1. Duck gumbo? Pull the remaining meat from the bones. Make a roux, brown the aromatics, etc as usual (put a little duck fat into the roux if possible). After adding the liquid (chicken stock is a good substitute for duck stock, unless you have some stashed in the fridge), drop in the stripped duck carcass and some sliced smoked sausage and cook for 30-50 minutes (or until foam subsides & liquid reduces a little), then taste for seasonings and add the deboned duck meat. Cook for 10-15 minutes more...this is an extremely shorthand-y gumbo recipe; I'm sure that you know how to make a gumbo without my detailed instructions!

    Or steal a page from Susan Spicer of Bayona in New Orleans: make duck, cashew butter, and pepper jelly sandwiches!

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      I made the gumbo but will keep other suggestions in mind. Humidity settled down to a bearble 32% so the suggestion of FALL food was welcome. Monday it would be the furthest thing from my mind.

    2. I would do a Spicy Thai Duck salad. Lots of Chile's, cilantro, mint, onions , fish sauce etc..

      1. Duck hash.

        Shredded and used in fried rice or pasta.

        Sliced on sandwiches with a sharp green like watercress.

        Shredded and wrapped in rice paper or Chinese pancakes with shredded cucumber and scallions and hoisin.

        1. I woullld make a Thai duck noodle bowl with lemon grass, fish sauce, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, galanga, sambal chili paste with garlic, rice noodles, fresh tomatoes and oyster mushrooms. Garnished with sprouts and fresh basil (I can't stand cilantro). Yum!

          1. Last time I had some leftover duck I made little "pizzas". The crusts were done ahead by themselves, then a schmear of tamarind/date chutney on top of that, topped by the duck meat, and then topped with some mango/black bean salsa and a sprinkling of feta cheese. It was as good as the previous night's dinner.

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              My favorite pizza of all time is duck, fresh mozarella, radicchio, and leek (and probably a bit of olive oil on the vegetables). So good! I haven't had it in years. I need to get some leftover duck...