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Aug 15, 2006 09:24 PM

Memorable Restaurant Sightings In Movies my last movie-related post has been done to a turn. How's this:
Ever catch sight of a favorite eating place in a movie? Or just a legendary place you've only heard about and then, lo and behold, there they are in some movie or other. I love when movies use real live eateries; as far as I'm concerned, there is no better way to capture time and place. Even if the movie is otherwise forgettable, the inclusion of some legendary pizza joint, taco stand or burger hut makes it a time capsule to be treasured.

Although I never frequented Child's Coffee Shop or the Bellmore Cafeteria, Taxi Driver put me there. Is Munson's Diner, west side of NY, still around? I'm thinking maybe not, perhaps long gone. In any event, it is immortalized in Ruben Blade's first movie, Crossover Dreams. And who can forget Sandy Baron, Jackie Gayle and other borscht belt comics yukking it up at the Carnegie Deli in Broadway Danny Rose? Was anyone out there even more in the mood for a White Castle after seeing those bad boys up close on the griddle in Saturday Night Fever, or even less so than before?

Has anyone out there been hipped to an eatery, simply on the basis of seeing a movie?
Happened to me with Tail of The Pup, the LA doggery; didn't even know it existed until I saw True Romance. Eventually made it to the Tail, with my wife, around '99 or so, on my birthday. I must say that, after about 5 beers or so, and on the heels of seeing Dude Where's My Car (can't remember seeing any eateries in that one), the Pup did indeed strike me as "truly romantic". As was/is the subtle architecture of the place.

So, Chowhounds, here's your chance. Favorite restaurant sightings in movies. Lay it on me.

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  1. In Bullett, Steve McQueen took his girlfriend Jacqueline Bisset to a currently trendy spot on Union Street - Coffee Cantata I think it was. This scene was a real 1968 time-capsule.

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      I should add that the whole movie took place in San Francisco.

    2. Where in L.A. does Richard Gere take Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman", in the scene where the snail slips out of her hand?


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        Cicada, 617 South Olive Street, downtown LA (apparently used in Final Analysis, Indecent Proposal, and Bruce Almighty as well).


      2. I want to find out which Bistro in Paris was in Jack Nicholson's "Something's Gotta Give". The veal chop the waiter was carrying still has me drooling...

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          Le Grand Colbert, a brasserie in the 2nd arr. Not so good and now filled with tourists.

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            Faijay, Thank you for the follow up. The veal chop was a brief, passing scene but it sure looked terrific.

        2. The hilarious scene in Mrs. Doubtfire with Robin Williams changing back and forth between himself and the aforementioned title character was filemd at Bridges Restaurant in Danville, CA, in the Bay Area, which was located directly behind where I was working at the time. The restaurant was fairly new and very good way back then, but became pretty uninspired and pedestrian after all the notoriety (and crowds) it got from the movie. Its still around, but I haven't been in years. Apparently it changed ownership in 2004, though still living off the Mrs. Doubtfire name ...

          1. In "Play Misty for Me," Eastwood hangs out in the bar at the Sardine Factory, an expensive and fancy restaurant in the Cannery Row area of the Monterey Peninsula. Last time I was there (years ago), it still looked the same.

            Always wondered how a DJ could afford it - well that and the fancy ocean view place where the character lived.


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              Made a special trip to the Sardine Factory just due to this fact..I beleive Don Siegel(Director of "Dirty Harry" plus many other greats) plays the bartender in those scenes!!