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Aug 15, 2006 08:59 PM

Where can I buy real Chihuahua cheese?

I saw an old episode of Martha Stewart, today. There was a lady on who made a "Mexican Fondue," using Chihuahua cheese. As soon as she said it I remebered having it in Chicago and loving it. Where can I buy it here? I'm not looking for something that is like Chihuahua cheese, I wan't the real deal (with out having to/getting to go to Chicago). If it's known by another name here, please advise. THANK YOU THANK YOU!
...there I go again with the love...

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  1. IIRC, Chihuahua is a BRAND of cheese, not really Cheese based on the Chihuahua style... It is true, it's a melting cheese.

    Sadly Supremo doesn't distribute out here. We're strictly a Cacique city...

    From my experience, Chihuahua is very similar to Oxacan Cheese you can get pretty much at any Mexican Supermarket. Cacique also makes a Quesadilla cheese which they claim is their Fundio/Melting Cheese...


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        Have you tried going to Vallarta's cheese counter and asking them?
        I found a truly great Monterey Jack from Monterey, Mexico that makes every other Monterey Jack I've had a pale comparison. They might be able to help you on this.

      2. Chihuahua cheese is usually the most famous cheese from that area ... Queso Memonitas. Originally made by the Monnonites in that area and now made widely, it is a white melting cheese.

        My personal experience is that real Menonitas cheese does not resemble any other Mexican cheese and shouldn't be substituted. The exception would be in melted xheese dishes which you mention. But it is superb as a stand alone cheese.

        Where to get it is the probem. I used to frequest a cheese stand in El Mercado for many years where I would stock up when I was there. Every once in awhile get a hankering and look for it to no avail.

        I have not tried the Alameda Swap Meet and have high hopes for finding real Queso Menonitas there.

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          The Supremo brand mentioned above, from Chicago, must be a good copy; it is not, for instance, hard to find Mennonite cheese-makers in that part of the world, too! Anyway, I used to get the Supremo peppered Chihuahua in Nashville, and it's like no other jalapeƱo cheese I've been able to find. The Cacique stuff is too much like a processed cheese, gooey and almost too rich, and all the jacks are just not rich-tasting enough. Only May-Bud comes close, IMO.

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              I've seen it at Ralphs - I guess it's distributed by Kroger. Don't remember if I've seen it at Gelson's or Bristol Farms...but you might look.

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              My parents come from this back ground and my dad worked in the cheese factory when he was a kid I have had the real Queso Mennonitas when in Chihuahua visiting Family and I can not say there is not another cheese that is as good....each little Mennonite has milking cows and they sell all the milk to the local cheese factories ...

            3. Hi Kiwi
              If you still have not found the cheese and you are still interested....I know where to find that kind of delicious cheese. Please let me know.

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              1. re: El Duranguense

                Please Please Please let me know where to get the Chiahuahua Cheese or Mennonite Cheese. I have been looking everywhere in Los Angeles and can't find it anywhere. Thanks in Advance.


                1. re: bennorthenor

                  I believe I've seen it at one of the butchers on the second level of el Mercado in ELA...


              2. I think the Cacique Asadero cheese has the right melting properties you're looking for in a fondue. And it should be easy enough to find.

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                1. re: ozzygee

                  Cacique asadero tastes like Kraft singles. It's hard to believe there aren't better cheeses available in Los Angeles.

                  Where is El Mercado?

                  1. re: tmpruyn

                    First and Lorena in ELA.

                    Also, in the past two years, Lala, a Mexican Milk company has entered the market and they have a Chihuahua style cheese. I need to investigate if they will distribute it in the U.S. because Supremo has been VERY protective of their brand...


                    1. re: tmpruyn

                      Their Asadero has gotten pretty bad... I stopped using it in the late '90s. Their Monterrey Jack however (the round wheel) is surprisingly good and has that subtle almost sourdough flavor you find in real Chihuhua / Menonita cheeses.

                  2. Have we still not found this cheese?