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Aug 15, 2006 08:53 PM

Rosh Hashana dinner in Paris (w/out breaking the bank)

My husband has agreed to schedule our Paris vacation according to my convenience, even if that means Rosh Hashana dinner away from the family. Is there any place that we could go in Paris to have a R.H. dinner that won't cost us an eye? (we are on a limited budget, but certainly will splurge in proportion). Thanks!

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  1. The Kosher restaurants in the Marais will be closed, of course. Why not visit a Synagogue and let them know you have no where to go for Yontif and someone will invite you to their home. Failing that, I don't think you can get brisket in Paris. Maybe, a Morrocan restaurant would be good and ecumenical.

    If you just want a wonderful and romantic place to celebrate the New Year, try ZE Kitchen Galerie on the bank of the Seine. The walk after dinner along the Seine is marvelous. It has lovely, innovative food.

    Another wonderful dinner can be had at L'Os a Moelle in the 15th arr. It is a 6 course (plus amuse) meal, that is prepared by one of the many graduates of the kitchen of Christian Constant at the Ambassador.

    You can get there easily on the Metro, but I would bite the bullet and take a cab back to the hotel. This restaurnat is a very enjoyable experience.