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Aug 15, 2006 08:52 PM

Late night dining London

We have a flight that arrives at Heathrow after 10:00 P.M. Luckily the place is pretty deserted that time of night and getting through customs and collecting baggage does not take long. We often find ourselves a bit hungry. Our flat is equidistant between S. Ken Tube and Gloucester Rd. tube. I know Cafe Lazeez is open late and had a really delicious cauliflower soup there last time, but we got in so late they were getting ready to close the kitchen so soup was what we could get and some naan. Any other suggestions within walking distance? Any open late grocery stores if not restaurants?


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  1. I would think that someplace along Old Brompton Rd. would be open fairly late. Sadly, I don't know of one in particular. You could try ringing La Bouchee. I've got the feeling that the Waitrose at Gloucester Road Tube is probably shut by that hour and is not a 24 hour shop. Good luck!

    1. Thanks and La Bouchee is closed by that time, even the little Hart's grocery. In the stretch between Queens Gate and OBR up to S.Ken, Lazeez was the only thing we found open besides the bar in the basement of the Regency or Jurys and we could not deal with the smoke.

      I wish La Bouchee would be open until mid-night. It is a favorite.

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        Ah, sorry about that. It could be the only places serving late are closer to the West End and the theatres. Enjoy London!

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          No, there is a place appropriately called Vingt-Quatre in Fulham, which gets packed in the early hours.


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            Thanks, I just sussed Vingt-Quatre out and it is a nearby walk. We'll be in Onslow Gardens so after checking in to the flat it should be a simple walk. Definitely going for some late night sustenance!

      2. I just returned from London and stayed 1 block from the Gloucester Rd tube. There is a 24 hour Tesco Express (a mini mart) on Gloucester Rd right across from the tube station. They are often cleaned out at night, but I noticed they re-stock starting around 11pm-12am. They sell pre-made sandwiches and salads, drinks (alcoholic and non), chocolate, yogurt, fruit etc. I found them handy for a late night snack that I could just take back to my hotel. I was surpised that their sandwiches and salads really aren't bad at all for a late night snack. Waitrose closes at 9pm (located next to the Gloucester tube station), but they are a good gourmet large supermarket with great wine selection etc.

        For breakfast/lunch, I like to Maison Paul patissiere (Gloucester Rd a few doors down from Tesco, black awning). Its a chain bakery found all over London and Paris, but its very good and fair priced. I wish we had it here in NYC.

        DO NOT go to a place called THE PATISSIERE (pink awning) on Gloucester Rd--its awful and the service is horrible.

        1. Ballans is a small chain which is open until 11 or midnight on Old Brompton and Earls Court.

          The food is nothing to write about but it is near you and will be ok. Otherwise London is awful for dining after 10 p.m. unless you are willing to travel.

          1. what do you have against wonderful lebanese food? there's a ranoush opp barkers on ken high street, a randa 50 yards up ken church street and an al dar on the holland park side of ken high street.

            al dar is open till at least 11.30 pm.