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Aug 15, 2006 08:48 PM

Reservations at Au Pied de Cochon

Hi, I'm coming up from the States in October and am dying to eat at this place. Does anyone know how far in advance they take reservations and how difficult they are to get?

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  1. This doesn't really answer your question, but I just made reservations for September 2 (Labor Day weekend), so they take them at least two weeks in advance.

    1. I've walked in and gotten a seat at the bar right when they opened at five. The most in advance I've made reservations is two weeks. How large is your party?

      1. I know that this might sound rather obvious but why not just call the restaurant at 514-281-1114 and try to reserve now.

        1. Sorry to revive this old thread but I'm at my wit's end! I've been trying to get reservations for weeks - tried emailing, tried phoning, tried emailing again - nothing works! Once I did receive a reply to my email asking me to phone the restaurant for reservations. My french is spotty but it seemed you were supposed to leave your number after the beep for reservations? I tried this too but no luck... Any help would be much appreciated!

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            They speak English. Leave a message, or call in the evening, when somebody's there. I did it a couple weeks before I went there back in mid-March, English is not a problem.

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              The first time my wife and I ate there, I called for reservations and got the answering machine. I left my number, but they did not call me back. Taking a chance, we arrived at our requested time and, to our relief, they found our reservation in their book and seated us. Now granted, this was back before Gourmet, Bourdain, the Book and all the hullabaloo. I suggest calling them about two to three weeks out, at around 5:00 to 6:00pm (when they're open, but before the rush starts) any day except Monday. As Gido says, English should be fine.

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                Thanks guys! Yeah every time I call I seem to go voicemail but I'll just keep trying. I first started trying weeks ago - but we'll be there this weekend so now I'm thinking getting a reservation will be near impossible... Perhaps I'll try walking in for bar seating early.

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                  By the way, on a Friday night in March, bar seating opened up shortly after 9 p.m., so don't be discouraged.

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                    I have eaten there with and without reservations and never had a problem getting in. As long as you go early. The bar / counter is a great place to have your meal (it's in front of the kitchen) Have a good one.

                2. i believe theyre open until midnight so you can definitely walk off the street later in the evening. i've called them on the same day and they've had spots at 9, 10 etc

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                    success! i finally got a reservation for tonight. now to figure out what to order...