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Aug 15, 2006 08:36 PM

Wildwood and Cape May Must try restaurants! (NOT TOURISTY PLEASE)

Hello! We will be visiting friends in Wildwood Crest this weekend, and I have not been here in over 10 years. We have heard there are some great finds in Cape May, but I was also looking for somw suggestions, as I cannot remember names of any. (I can look in Zagat, but I trust all the reviews on this board.) We HATE tourist traps, and I really could care less for that Two Mile Landing. For some reason, that sticks in my head as a tourist trap from nearly 10 years ago! Perhaps I am wrong!

:) Thank you for your feedback.....

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  1. Hard pressed to think of anything in WW or CM that isn't geared to tourists. Hey - they're tourist towns.

    Just a tad north and inland, however, in Seaville on Route 9, in a strip mall behind a McDonalds, is Mamma Mia's, an excellent Italian Restaurant and Pizzaria. Their antipasto is superb, soups are quite good (especially if bisque is on the menu), I've had some fine eggplant dishes, and if you're in the mood for a personal pizza, you've got to try their signature bruschetta pie.

    Definitely not a tourist trap.

    1. Thanks fpatrick..but is'nt there a French rest. in Cape May highly notable? thanks again :)

      1. In another thread I recommended Gia in Wildwood-wonderful Italian, not touristy, the dining room is delightful, and the cowner/hostess, Beth, makes you feel right at home.

        In Cape May, try Lousia's on Jackson Street (609-884-5882), just above the mall. It is a funky little place that only seats 20-some. The food is fresh and incredible and the prices are reasonable. I do not know if they take phone reservations-it used to be that you gave your name at the door and they either seated you or told you what time they would have a table available.

        Both are BYOB.

        1. Two Mile Landing is good, although very tourist-y, but right next door is the Crab House and it is much more casual, but still pricey. Other good choices are Little Italy, Schellenger's, La Piazza Cuccina and Ravioli House - those are all in Wildwood. But like they said before it's hard to find a restaurant that isn't overpriced for tourist season. It's almost more important to find good food, because there is NOTHING worse than paying a lot for your meal when it's not even good!!

          1. Face it. Cape May and everything down the shore is by definition touristy. But that does not mean there are not good restaurants. Try Copper Fish in Cape May or Black Duck. Also Union Park in the Maycomber Hotel. All are BYO, not too expensive, and quite good.