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Aug 15, 2006 08:32 PM

Post Wedding Lunch for around 10 people

Well, my sister is getting hitched and doing the judge thing down at the courthouse.

We are looking for a place to have a lunch after the ceremony for around 10 people. The real deal wedding will take place later so this just an intimate family thing.

Anywhere in Manhattan is OK. No sushi or other raw foods. The bride is not big on red meat either (although the rest of the family is :-)

I am drawing a blank, original thought was Red Cat, but they don't do lunch.

Please Help !?!?!?!?!

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  1. I went with some friends after their wed to City Hall (131 Duane St.) Obviously, walking distance from the other City Hall, nice if formal environment, many suits but the food was great. Plenty of sea food and other choices. It def feels like a celebration type of place.

    1. After our wedding at City Hall my husband and I took our witness to Balthazar. It was a really nice meal. The real deal wedding was later, but I do have nice memories from the lunch and we try to go back there every year for our civil wedding anniversary.

      1. Eleven Madison Park is a very celebratory place, perfect for an apres wedding ceremony lunch. The large space is beautiful, and Chef Daniel Humm's cuisine is exquisite.

        If you prefer a smaller, more intimate restaurant, Fleur de Sel would be my pick. Chef/owner Cyril Renaud's cuisine is delicious, and the room's contemporary decor is very attractive.

        Best wishes to the bride and groom and Bon Appetit!

        1. Danube...very special. It would certainly be a memorable meal. My husband and I went for restaurant week awhile back and it was fabulous, so I would imagine a 'regular' menu would be fantastic.

          1. My hubby and I did the city hall thing last November... it was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so lunch was pretty dead everywhere... We all went to Grace for lunch, a few blocks away... We had the whole back room to ourselves... the staff was great, put on music and let us take hours for our meal. We ordered off the menu, simple salads, apps, pastas, etc...Excellent bartender/drinks and perfect for a nice lunch before we went home to relax before dinner.

            The true "apres wedding" meal was dinner at Provence on MacDougal. It was a lovely dinner, the staff was wonderful. They set us up in the room toward the back garden with a big round table and a huge bouquet of flowers in the middle. We orderd off the menu and we were allowed to get up and take pictures and mingle... The garden was open but it was a very cold day so we were right next to it but a bit warmer... We had lots of champagne and lingered for hours... I have always liked Provence, the food is always good, standard french fare. Anyway, used to do lunch there quite often, perhaps that might be a nice place to have your apres wedding meal...