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Aug 15, 2006 08:28 PM

Lunch in Burlington, VT?

Hey everybody!
I'm travelling from Boston to North Hero, VT on Friday, figured I'd stop in Burlington for some lunch.
I see Church Street has a number of places, but can anybody offer up a spot? Doesn't have to be fancy, just looking for a decent lunch, could be burgers, sandwiches....or even a bit more upscale, a good glass of wine, maybe some pasta.
Any recommendation, as always, is greatly appreciated!
Thanks, and all the best!

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  1. I really enjoy Smokejack. I've also seen some recommendations for Three Tomatoes, but I did not enjoy it at all.

    That said, I am incapable of driving up I-89 without stopping for lunch at Simon Pearce, in Quechee, which is a truly great restaurant.

    1. Sounds like Red Onion or Stone Soup are the sort of place you're looking for -- I haven't been there personally, but quite a few people on the boards and a personal friend of mine reccomend both places.

      Stone Soup is a nice vegerarian place good for, well, soups, and I believe salads and such.

      Red Onion is good for sandwiches. Others can mention more, as I haven't been there personally....

      As for pasta, I can give you some better info:
      I was at Three Tomatoes this February, and it was fairly good -- i've had better, but this was a reasonable choice. Their salads though, are very nice -- good fancy greens and nice balsamic vinagrette.

      All three of these places are on Church Street right in the center of Burlington, VT.

      Stone Soup
      211 College St
      Burlington, VT 05401
      (802) 862-7616

      Red Onion
      on Church Street

      Three Tomatoes Trattoria
      83 Church St
      Burlington, VT 05401
      (802) 660-9533

      1. I second Stone Soup where the Saturday brunch is a buffet that had some splendid matzoh brei among other items. They weigh the stuff by the pound so it might cost seven or eight dollars, but it is definitely worth it.

        1. My absolute favorite lunch spot in Burlington is Four Corners of the Earth on Pine Street. It's a little hole in the wall with awesome internationally-themed sandwiches (think Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Japanese Tuna, Greek Artichoke, and Vermont Turkey). The sandwiches are really fresh, and most are heated in the panini press, and they also have a great selection of unusual sodas and bottled drinks, plus whatever soup and cookies they decide to make that day. The owner is a real character, and the eclectic salvaged decor (mostly from nearby Recycle North) is a hoot.

          Four Corners of the Earth
          310 Pine St. Burlington VT 05401

          1. Thanks for all your tips, we ended up going to Stone Soup and it was very good, worth the stop!
            Thanks again!

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              Glad you liked it -- now I really want to have a meal there.. I'll let my friend know you liked it.