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Aug 15, 2006 07:39 PM

looking for good appetizer catering

Need appetizers for an evening boat cruise (30 - 40 people) in San Francisco. Anyone know of a good caterer that could provide this kind of food on a weekend?

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  1. Oakville Grocery at the Wharf could do something like that- I had a party with a ton of appetizers the other night and used them and was delightfully surprised. The price was lower than any of the other caterers I checked out, and the food was excellent. I hightly reccommend the bocconcini skewers and Singapore satays!

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        1. Went to an party where:

          Rising Sun Catering

          supplied the food. It was AWESOME!!! Interesting Menu, pretty presentation, great service and wonderful food. So good I took their card.

          I don't know about the $$ however.

          Let me know.

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