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Aug 15, 2006 07:37 PM

Best Asian in Greater Lowell?

I know of a few places already: Phien's, Pho 88, Red Rose (from many years ago). Any others among your favorites? I'm most interested in Southeast Asian (Lao, Viet, Cambodian, Thai), but would welcome other recs. Any worthy banh mi joints?

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  1. There is a Southeast Asian place on Market Street that's pretty good. I think it's called Southeast Asian Restaurant.
    A couple places on Westford Street, Nam Viet is one, the names are escaping me right now., so hopefully someone else can chime in. Also a Pho place on Middlesex Street (Pho DeLat maybe). Can't help with the banh mi, as I'm just becoming familiar with this cuisine.

    1. Southeast Asian Restaurant has a website:

      It offers Lao, Viet, Cambodian, Thai, probably other SE Asian food as well. I've found the food to be really good but the service can be slow at times &, especially if you're there with a large group, you may not get what you think you ordered.

      Viet-Thai is around the corner on Merrimack St, in the same building as George's Fabrics. It's smaller with no ambience to speak of, but the food is good & the prices very low.

      I prefer Pho 88 to Pho Dalat.

      1. Thanh Thanh on Chelmsford St. is wonderful Vietnamese - some items better than Pho 88 (1 block from the Connector - Plain St. exit, across from the Walgreen's).

        Apsara is decent Cambodian. (On Middlesex by the Rourke bridge)

        Here's an old post of mine about Banh Mi in Lowell (haven't verified recently):

        Also, wanted to add that the new and expanded Battambang market on Church Street is a tremendous resource for all things south-east asian. They have a limited amount of cooked goods, but these include whole-fried catfish and some decent spring rolls. Great fresh vegetables, frozen foods selection, some fresh fish, and butcher (great prices on beef shank), and every kind of noodle (dried) you could think of.

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          Thanh Thanh is no longer in business, at least under that name.

          There is another Vietnamese restaurant at that site now. The Pho is as good as before, and the new menu has Bun Bo Hue, one of my favorite soup recipes of all time.

        2. Thanks for these updates and links.

          1. If Greater Lowell includes Chelmsford and Westford:
            Yoong Tong II (Thai) in Chelmsford"s Central Square, tucked away in a little strip mall next to Domino's Pizza
            Thai Jasmine on Littleton Rd. (Rt. 110) in a shopping center that also has India Palace, across from the Elks Club
            Garlic Bistro, the oldest Thai restaurant in Chelmsford, at Drum Hill:
            Bamboo in Westford
            Also in Lowell, Senmonorom (Cambodian) on Middlesex St., in the strip mall with the Family Dollar and US Post Office. On Westford St. are Khemara and Phnom Penh.
            And if you include Japanese in your list, Sakura on Summer St. in Chelmsford Center.
            As for banh mi, I noticed a new Vietmanese Sandwich shop on Merrimack St. in Lowell just last week. Don't know the name and haven't tried it yet. Maybe someone else can help. I generally go to one of the carry-outs on Branch street, not far from Red Rose.