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Aug 15, 2006 07:32 PM

Great review of Giorgio's of Gramercy and Campanile

I went to NY recently and chose this restaurant because of reviews seen here. I was not dissapointed and neither was my boyfriend. The service is excellent. Everyone is friendly and professional and know their menu well. Our appetizers were really good but it was the main course which was to die for. We both had the salmon which is served with I would call a sort of salsa made of avocado, roasted corn and radishes. It was so good!!! I was looking at the other tables and everything looked amazing. It is a good ratio of quality/price. Our main course was 17$ which is very reasonable for NY. I had 2 glasses of wine, 8$ each. The desserts were on the expensive side, 8$, but we were too full to have one. The portions are big. My appetizer was fried calamari and vegetables and I had to leave some in order to have place for my main course. My boyfriend had an appetizer of antipasto which was also really good.

We ate at Campanile the night before (29th street between Park avenue south and Madison) and had a great dinner also. I had the linguini frutti di mare and it was excellent. Plenty of seafood, al dente pasta and a superb tomato sauce. The owner is always super friendly and recognizes you and chats a bit with you. This place is under the radar and I don't know why. The owner even remembers my favorite plate and I had been there only two times before in the year.

Those are two great restaurants!

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  1. Giorgios was a real first time treat for me as well. Great food served in a friendly and attentive atmosphere. Portions are generous and the value was outstanding. I loved the risotto. I also used to eat lunch often at Campanile since it was near my office. Food was consistently good but I am not sure that I would make a special trip there. I agree, though about the owner. He is very nice and engaging.

    1. Thanks to everyone for the Giorgio's recommendation. We were on a 16 day trip that included a day in Manhattan and we had a lovely dining experience. We were seated in the back which was fine with a tired 11-year old and had excellent service throughout the meal. In fact, our waiter chased us down with some matches we had requested. Favorites at the table were the spinach, stilton, and pear salad, ravioli with shrimp and s'mores bread pudding.