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Aug 15, 2006 07:27 PM

Best Mexican Food in Cypress Park/Glassell Park/Lincoln Heights Area

If anyone knows of any great mexican places in these areas, i would greatly appreciate the tips. Anything from a sit down place, to a taco stand.

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  1. El Atacor #11, Figueroa at Ave 26. Get four potato tacos ($2.89), ask for one each of the red and green salsas. Eat them there, not to go (they get soggy after about 5 minutes). Then and only then may you explore other things on the menu.

    1. Villa, on Broadway opposite Lincoln High, is a good homestyle Mexican place. The chef-owner does all her cooking to order, so it can take a while. The little ceviche-style shrimp tostadas are tasty, as are veggie (not on the menu) and carne asada burritos. Haven't explored the menu much beyond that, but have always been pleased with the eats.