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Aug 15, 2006 07:16 PM

Toronto: Cafe Nervosa in Yorkville

I've heard some mixed reviews on this place, but am keen to try a more casual place in the neighbourhood that isn't Hemingway's or on Yonge Street. Not a fan of Remy's or the Pilot.

So back to Cafe Nervosa: am I setting myself up for disappointment?

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  1. I liked my meal at Dimmi much more than my meal at Cafe Nervosa-
    I thought Cafe Nervosa was over-priced for what you get. They were stingy with the shrimp- I think there were about 3 in my pasta the one time I went...and if I remember correctly, the pasta cost close to $20.

    BTW- I did not mean to suggest that Dimmi is a restaurant I would go out of my way to eat at. I just meant to say that if I was forced to eat Italian food in Yorkville, I would prefer to eat at Dimmi rather than Nervosa because my meal was better at Dimmi.

    1. I had the opposite experience - thought Dimmi was mediocre (pasta was bland and - horror! - over-cooked to the point of being a lumpen mess), but Cafe Nervosa was great. It's a nice atmosphere, the food is good (and not horribly overpriced, by Yorkville standards)and they even have a decent wine list.

      1. I've had mixed experiences. Expensive - absolutely! Their pizzas aren't very good, but I still dream about a pasta special I had there once and the caprese salad is very nice. The goat cheese salad is good, but very rich and filling!

        So, yes, try it. Take lots of money and don't order the pizza.

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        1. re: Ice Queen

          Cafe Dimmi versus Cafe Nervosa.... hmmm... a battle between two very mediocre and overpriced restaurants.

          If you want any hope of enjoying the food at either, simply LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS. How low? As low as they can go. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

        2. I'm having a brain burp right now. Isn't there a nice restaurant that is located at St. George and Bloor that is part of the U of T graduate residence?

          Someone might have the name of it.

          1. L'Espresso Bar Mercurio is in the residence but its parent Bar Mercurio is across the street a bit west of the n/w corner of Bloor and St. George - this is more like a regular restaurant.