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cold borscht

kiev, a very very long time ago used to make a killer cold borscht. veselka has a good one too, but it will be disappearing soon along with my suntan...
anyone know any place else that serves it?

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  1. Yonah Schimmel. The borscht & the yogurt are really the only good things there.

      1. Teresa's, 1st Av. between 6th and 7th Sts., serves a good cold borsht in warm weather.

        1. Poland, on 2nd Ave. between 12th and 13th Sts.

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            I liked the borsht I had at Little Poland, which I believe is the restaurant you're thinking of. (I thought it was a block south of there, between 11th and 12th.) But I was there in December and had hot borsht. I take it, like Teresa's, they have both hot borsht and in warm weather, cold borsht. Can you describe their cold borsht? Is it vinegary or/and does it have sour cream in it, like their hot borsht? Any potatoes in it, or just beets, garlic, and dill? Is it based on a beef stock?

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              I'm not sure what the base stock was. It has sour cream and fresh dill, and half of a hard boiled egg floating in it....a delicious touch, I think. They serve it with challah. I've actually been craving their borscht, so i think I'll go soon and have me some.

          2. NEPTUN! on 1st ave. Best cold borscht. Just perfect.

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              i like neptune's a bit better than little poland's, but the challah at the latter is my favorite (and their pierogies - oh man).

            2. Anyone know of a good source for borscht, hot or cold, over on the west side? I could eat it every day, and I haven't found a good one anywhere close to home yet.

              1. it's not really borscht, but my favorite beet-based soup is at flor's kitchen in either the east village or the west... soooo delicious and very very thick. i think you can get it hot or cold.
                also, B&H dairy is kind of fun in a dive-y way, on 2nd ave just below st. marks. super cheap, too.

                1. their cold borscht is very tasty, but say no when they ask if you'd like sour cream in it. as both the soup and the sour cream are cold, the latter doesn't dissolve and just sits there in a congealing lump.