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Aug 15, 2006 06:50 PM

cold borscht

kiev, a very very long time ago used to make a killer cold borscht. veselka has a good one too, but it will be disappearing soon along with my suntan...
anyone know any place else that serves it?

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  1. Yonah Schimmel. The borscht & the yogurt are really the only good things there.

      1. Teresa's, 1st Av. between 6th and 7th Sts., serves a good cold borsht in warm weather.

        1. Poland, on 2nd Ave. between 12th and 13th Sts.

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          1. re: howboy

            I liked the borsht I had at Little Poland, which I believe is the restaurant you're thinking of. (I thought it was a block south of there, between 11th and 12th.) But I was there in December and had hot borsht. I take it, like Teresa's, they have both hot borsht and in warm weather, cold borsht. Can you describe their cold borsht? Is it vinegary or/and does it have sour cream in it, like their hot borsht? Any potatoes in it, or just beets, garlic, and dill? Is it based on a beef stock?

            1. re: Pan

              I'm not sure what the base stock was. It has sour cream and fresh dill, and half of a hard boiled egg floating in it....a delicious touch, I think. They serve it with challah. I've actually been craving their borscht, so i think I'll go soon and have me some.

          2. NEPTUN! on 1st ave. Best cold borscht. Just perfect.

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            1. re: squinchy

              i like neptune's a bit better than little poland's, but the challah at the latter is my favorite (and their pierogies - oh man).