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Aug 15, 2006 06:38 PM

food near yankee stadium

tired of poisoning myself at the stadium any ideas?

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  1. Yankee Tavern
    72 E 161st St
    Bronx, NY 10451
    (718) 292-6130

    Good pastrami, nice long bar, and pub grub. Just walk up 161st away from the stadium. (RIGHT side of the street and corner location).

    If you want some good Latin fare, there's an excellent Cuchifrito place across the street from Yankee Tavern on the other side of 161st. Maybe rice and beans, mondongo, yucca, or pernil is your thing. Nice arroz con pollo there too with a tall glass of pina, tamarindo, or a cold batada (milk shake).

    Both places definitely beat overpriced ballpark food.

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    1. Second the motion on Yankee Tavern...there are times the pastrami tastes as good as Katz's.

      Otherwise, Arthur Avenue is a stretch from the Stadium unless you have wheels or plenty of pre-game time...MIKE'S in the Market and a whole lotta great fruit stands.

      1. Mike's sandwiches are very good. They do have them now in the stadium, although probably higher priced than the Artur Ave. location.

        1. Thirds on the Yankee Tavern. Truly excellent pastrami. Just enter the dining room through the side door to the building, bypassing the jam-packed bar.

          1. A Jamaican joint, called The Feeding Tree, located at 892 Gerard Ave. near 161st St. is my current favorite. It is just steps from the 161st St. and River Ave. subway station.
            They do excellent take-out: jerk chicken, goat, escaviched fish, curried shrimp and many other specials. All meals served with rice/beans, plantains, veggies and corn bread.
            If you're lucky, there'll be some dessert left (chef told me he is working on creme brulee, but has to purchase appropriate take-out containers that will withstand his blow torch). Average price for take out is $9-12, just about the same price as a watery 12 ounce beer at the stadium.

            Here is a link to the NY Times $25 and under review of 2000:


            For one of the nation's storied and most spectacular stadium, the food concessions suck.