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Aug 15, 2006 06:25 PM

Sushi in ATL? ASAP!

I am so tired of eating at RU San's around Atlanta, and I love MF but don't want to spend that much money for a casual dinner. Any new suggestions? I haven't tried Wasabi in Castleberry Hill or Sweet LIme Little Five or Nickiemoto's. Anyone been to these?

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  1. Can you give an idea of your general area and price range?

    1. Anywhere in the Atlanta area, really. Less expensive than Magic Fingers and other high-end places. Something traditional (where you're not paying more for the presentation than the fish) would work.

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        Then I would check out Circle Sushi (http:// up in the Roswell/Sandy Springs area. They're more expensive than Ru San's but not as much as MF. I've been there several times and found the presentations to be understated and the quality quite good. Certainly better quality than RS. Hope this helps.

      2. If it isn't too far for you, Umezono on US 41 @ Windy Hill Road is quite good and reasonable. Creative Loafing said something to the effect of "Good in spite of the price" several years ago. They have a nice selection of sushi and sashimi, as well as numerous other Japanese dishes. Lunch Combo is in the $6 range, includes tea, soup and salad. Sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, tempura, and many other dishes which you will only find in a real Japanese (for Japanese clientele) restaurant.

        1. It sounds like you're looking for something midtown/VaHi and around there.

          I've found that it depends on which RuSan's you go to. The one in Buckhead was fun and tasty, but the one on Monroe and Piedmont sucked. It was not for people who like to eat sushi, it was for people who like to be seen eating sushi. Haven't tried the new one on Moreland.

          I used to eat at Nikimoto's, and it was tons of fun, but started eating at MF after they opened because I thought it was worth it. Niki's does have a nice patio for outdoor dining. They used to have Dragamaki night - Geisha drag queens! How fun is that!

          When I first came to ATL I tried Harry and Sons. Small portions, stale, and overpriced. Don't know if it has improved over the years.

          Sushi Avenue in Decatur is an excellent choice for straightahead and not too expensive sushi. Definitely fits the idea that you're paying for the sushi, not the presentation.

          There's a place on Amsterdam called Mali ( combo Thai/Sushi. Haven't been yet so can't actually recommend.

          Maybe you should start a grand adventure to try every sushi place in town, and provide a full and meticulously detailed report for your fellow chowhounds!

          1. I have to agree with the last post:

            Harry & Sons is sub par
            Ma Li on N. Highland is good - I go there quite a bit
            I also second the suggestion of Umezono on Cobb Pkwy.