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Aug 15, 2006 05:49 PM

3 Days in York

Hi all, we (late 20s/early 30s couple, no kids) are spending three days in York, ME. I've read some recommendations from past posts, but was hoping you could help with more. I'll be sure to give a full report on our return.

Specifically, it would be great to have one nice meal. I've seen the Tavern at York Harbor Inn, Arrows & White Barn all mentioned, though I don't know how far away the latter are from York.

And we'd like lobster, both rolls and steamed...any suggestions for casual shack-type places? We're big seafood lovers generally, so any recommendations on that front would be great.


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  1. Depending where in York you are staying, Arrows is between 20 minutes to 35 minutes from York. Great place. But remember they have a dress code. for men, shirts with collars, no shorts for anyone. MC Perkins Cove in Ogunquit is closer, more casual and owned by Arrows (and alot cheaper).

    For breakfast in York you can't beat Food & co.- it is on Route One just south of the exit from 95 to Yorks and ogunquit.

    Lobster places- so many: In Kittery- Chauncy Creek. Has a steep staircase to eat right on the water.
    Barnicle Billy's in Ogunquit- sit outside on the deck and have a rum punch with your lobster and steamers.
    Ogunquit Lobster Pound- some like his but it is not on the water.
    Hope you have a great time.

    1. Your best bet is to eat either in Portsmouth N.H. or Ogunquit Maine. Depending on your tastes and pocket book, the best places are listed below:
      White Barn Inn -- Kennenbunkport 1/2 hour away
      98 Provence -- Ogunquit 15 minutes
      On the Marsh -- Kennenbunkport
      Lindburgs Crossing-- Portsmouth 20 minutes
      Pesce Blue -- Portsmouth
      Anthony Alberto's -- Portsmouth
      Enjoy and good luck. Tell us how you make out and what you liked best, as well as disliked........

      1. Arrows is very nice, but very expensive($100+/person w/o alcohol). To get to Arrows from York you go North on Rt1 into Ogunquit, take a left on Berwick Road - which is in the center of town. Hence the rub, depending on the day, just getting into the center of Oqunquit could take 40 minutes from York.

        White Barn Inn is located in Kennebunkport. You could either go South out of York, get on I95 at the York toll booth, then get off at the Wells toll booth - which may be faster. Or, go north on Rt1 through the traffic hell known as Ogunquit in the summer time, stay on Rt 1 through Wells until you get to Rt9, go right on Rt9 until you hit Rt35 (light), take a right and the White Barn is ~1/4 mile down on the right. Also very expensive. 35-60 minute drive from York in the summer, maybe 15 minutes in the winter.

        Before the White Barn, back on Rt9 is a place called On the Marsh which would be a very good second to WB or Arrows.

        You could also go into Portsmouth, NH. Probably closer to York than Kport? In Portsmouth there are many high end restaurants to pick from - Dunaway located in Strawberry Banke is new, located in an historic post/beam house, excellent food for 1/2$ money of any of the above. Lindberghs Crossing would be another good choice. Down on the waterfront, but not really waterfront dining.

        There are lots of lobster places, throw a rock with your eyes closed - you'll hit one. Chauncey Creek (off Rt103 between York and Kittery Point) would probably be top on my list for location/total experience. Bob's Clam Hut on Rt1 Kittery for your fried seafood fix or lobster rolls. There is a new place in Kittery called Roberts Maine Grill (I think) that I read a good review of in the paper, haven't tried it myself, it's across the road from Bob's. Robert and Bob are the same guy, so I'm guessing that at least the fried seafood is top notch at Roberts;)

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          Can you give a similar dollar figure for White Barn, On the Marsh, Dunaway, and Lindberghs as you did for Arrows for comparison?
          I'm curious to try one of these (I've heard some amazing things about WB), but a bit wary of the price.

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            I haven't eaten at WB in years (10+), but I would say that WB and Arrows are close to identical regarding $. Based on my experience, between the two I would go to Arrows. The last time I was at the WB the service was over the top, as in sufficating.

            On the Marsh won't be near as expensive, probably 2/3 the $ of WB or Arrows, but the experience won't be exactly the same. The food will likely be just as good, but they don't have fresh picked vegi's from their own garden.

            Neither Dunaway or Lindberghs is in the same league as WB/Arrows, but they do qualify as fine dining and the food is imaginative, great locations etc.. My most recent experience was at Dunaway's and I believe the bill was around $180 w/o tip and we had pre-dinner martinis, wine by the glass with dinner and the dessert special w/after dinner drinks + coffee.

            If you okay dropping $300 for a meal(for 2), then go to Arrows. Your on vacation, enjoy.

            Next day, go to Flows in Cape Neddick for some $2.25 hot dogs;)

        2. There are a couple of places to eat in your area, on Rt 1A there is a real nice place just out of town on the shore rd that takes you to Ogunquit. I believe its call the Cape Nedick lobster pound. But im sure if you ask any one where your staying in York they can tell you. There are a few nice places in Ogunquit and Wells Beach area to eat at. Some of the ones mentioned by privious posters are quite expensive. If you like sports bars, there is a real nice place that my wife and I like, and where we eat at,at least once during a stay in that area is Vinny's East Coast Grill its located on Rt 1 about a mile from the Ogunquit rotary. There is a good but not to expensive place for steaks called the Steakhouse", In Wells right on Rt 1
          Good luck and hope you have a good time. Earle

          1. The White Barn Inn and Arrows are similar in cost. The appetizers at Arrows are about $20 and entrees about $45.
            While they are both good, Arrows is breathtakingly beautiful with the outdoor gardens all lit up. They also cure their own meats (proscuitto), fish (salmon), make their own duck confit and grow their own vegetables. I read recently that they just bought a smoker to mke their own smoked meats and fish.While Arrows is very fancy, WBInn is a bit more pretentious. On the Marsh,while nice, does not compare to these two places. Haven't been in awhile so you need to get someone else to tell you the price.

            If you choose Mc Perkins Cove, owned by Arrows, the view is beautiful as it is on the water. They serve alot of the home grown stuff from Arrows and the service is excellent. It will cost you a lot less but is a very good choice. Plus, you can go casual. We go to Arrows once or twice a year but eat at MC almost every week as it is more affordable and has similar service to Arrows and good food.

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              Excellent! Just the kind of information I was looking for.
              Thank you.