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Aug 15, 2006 05:44 PM

Baltimore Cupcakes

I have been pretty dissappointed by the cupckae place on Fort Ave. For a place that specializes in cupcakes, I would have thought they would be fantastic but of the few times I have been there, my cupcake tasted like it was a day old, a reasonable assumption based on the location of the retail store.

So I was happy to hear about a new cupcake place opening: Charm City Cupcakes. I don't think they are affiliated with Charm City Cakes in any fashion, though I don't know much about them.

Has anyone tried them yet?

The list of cupcakes looks awesome. My only fear is that it will be tough to keep so many flavors fresh for retail unless they are really doing a nice volume.

I now see that the place on Fort Ave has tried to tackle the volume problem by making certain flavors on certian days (atleast according to their website). Could a Baltimore cupcake battle be brewing?

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  1. I pray for the day that there is a cupcake battle in DC! How we can be the only major city I now of without a specialty cupcake bakery! Even if you count CakeLove (and personally, I don't), DC is still totally lacking in the specialty bakery department - especially in the current cupcake craze.

    Isn't there a wealthy Chowhounder out there who wants to make the investment and start up DC's first cupcake focused bakery shop? Build it downtown near the K Street corridor and you'll hit the jackpot with all the office birthday celebrations, events, etc.

    1. will Charm City Cupcakes have a retail location for individual cupcake purchases? the website doesn't give much info by way of hours, store location etc.

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        Apparently Charm City Cupcakes does not have a retail location. The bakery is in the basement of the Women's Industrial Exchange and they serve a couple of the cupcakes upstairs at Chef's Express.

        I tried one today. It was dry, crumbly and not much on artistic flair. I give it a C grade. Sorry to get any hopes up with the initial post.

        And what kind of "cup" are they using for these cupcakes! Is it a demitasse?

      2. baltimore cupcake company is consistently disappointing...

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        1. re: amykramy

          I agree, but in fairness, I haven't been in a while. Is this an opinion formed from recent experience?

          1. re: KAZ

            i have been several times, but no, not recently. i was so disappointed that i wouldn't go back.

        2. You gotta try the cupcakes at Soup's on at Rose's Cookies on the Avenue (36th St.) in Hampden. They are to-die-for. Carrot cake with creamcheese icing, chocolate with chocolate buttercream...

          They're next door to Oh! Said Rose.

          1. The original comment has been removed