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Aug 15, 2006 05:42 PM

Passadis Del Pep in Barcelona - Photo Report

Another great recommendation from Chowhound... this place is definitely tough to find... tucked away inside a building at the end of a hallway, Passadis del pep serves up the BEST quality in all ingredients.. no menus at all.. you sit down and the madness starts... BE SURE to let them know what your appetite is or else you will end up like me and not be able to finish the marathon..

Enjoy the photo report:

Passadis Del Pep
Pla de Palau, 2 | 08003 Barcelona
Tels. 93 310 10 21 | 93 315 24 95
Fax. 93 319 60 56

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  1. Once again, thank you; a fantastic feast for the eyes.. and a tease for my tummy.

    1. Thanks for the photos, AWESOME, I am so ready to book another flight to BCN. Loved Cal Pep we'll have to go to Passadis next time. By the way the guys you called prawns with the claws were sea crayfish (cigalas/cigarillas or escamarlans in Catalan) we loved them at Cal Pep and at Paco Meralga...