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Aug 15, 2006 05:41 PM

Bresaola in TO?? (around college/spadina area if possible)


Any one know of a source for this delectable sounding dried meat??


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  1. i don't know about college spidina area but schiffers in st lawrence market sells some pretty good bresaola. they are on the east wall, half way back. they have various sausages and salumi hanging from the ceiling. they also have killer chorizo and speck

    hope this helps

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    1. re: chefworm

      Great! I know the place. I have bought from them before.


    2. hey there.
      around college and spadina? i'd try one of the cheese shops in kensington market. or you could always go to centro di formaggi (college and manning). a little further west is grace meats (college and grace), and they've got it for sure. also, if you're ever around yonge and davisville, la salumeria has it.

      1. A small trek from College and Spadina to Bloor but I've always found it at Pusateri's.