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Aug 15, 2006 05:30 PM

Asian / Chinese Grocery Stores in Albuquerque?

Thinkihg about living in ABQ but need a good source for ingredients.

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  1. ABQ is a great place! Moved here two years ago from CA and haven't regretted it for a second.

    Sure, they are quite a few good places for Asian ingredients. Burque has a large Vietnamese and Thai community, and there are several little whole-in-the-wall type Asian groceries. The very best place to shop for Asian ingredients, I find, is the huge and fabulous Talin market, which also has probably the best fish counter in town. We also have the usual Whole Foods and Wild Oats stores, which stock pretty decent produce.

    1. We visited the Talin market and were quite impressed by the variety. One special highlight for us: Several varieties of Herring.

      1. Nearer to the base on Gibson is "99B", a huge asian grocery straight out of the 80's - kind of grimy and the selection can be both great or depleted.

        On Eubank is Arirang Oriental Market, with a Korean lunch counter in the back that I haven't tried but have heard is great - especially if you use the "I'll have what they're having" or the "point your finger" method of ordering since English is not likely to get you very far.

        Talin, yes, of course. Good selection but the prices have been gringo-ized, unfortunately, with the advent of their brand spanking new building. They stock many cuisines from Mexican to African to European to Asian to South American.... not just "oriental".

        Have fun!


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          I like 99 Banh, near the AF Base first, then Arirang, then Talin.

        2. I'm new here and haven't found these store yet, only a month. Is Burque the name of the street? I need to find this Talin Market.

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          1. re: potbelliedkiln

            Burque is just slang for Albuquerque. Talin is on the corner of Central and Louisiana, near the fairgrounds.

          2. Have you tried Trader Joe's. Not sure about Asian/Chinese, but they have some great stuff.