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Aug 15, 2006 05:30 PM

Nanjiang Cuisine in San Gabriel and The Stuffed Sandwich in San Gabriel

I've been to neither of these joints so far, but now's the time.

Anyways, as for Nanjiang, what kind of duck should I order to sit in and eat. I posted a question about this joint a couple months back, but now have lost the info, and want to try it now.

Any info would be great? How does it work, order a piece of duck and some sides or noodles???

Also as for stuffed sandwich, what do order with the beers? or is it all garbage? and more of a joint to a sample a couple or few beers?

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  1. If you go to Nanjing, there is only really one type of duck ... Nanjing duck.

    As to how to order, you can either go a la carte and pick and choose which duck parts you want, e.g. wings, legs, gizzards, feet, etc.

    Or, you can order by the 1/2 bird or whole bird.

    Because the duck is usu. very salty (but in a good way), we usually order up a couple of bowls of noodles to balance out the sodium invasion on the tongue ...

    As to the Stuffed Sandwich, I haven't been to that place since it moved to the new location (now, more like it's "old" location), so can't really say ... maybe the beef dip and spicy fries are worth trying if I recall correctly.

    1. For some nanjing specialties (btw they only have the salted duck, not the salted pressed duck)
      (the place doesn't serve most of these but it gives you an idea of whatnanjing food is about
      )A good description of salt water soup (salted soup) DUCK is at

      The jinling noodles (if I remember the name) are good, if he has nanjing style duck gizzards (yazhen) ask for them.

      1. There's not a lot of choice at Stuffed Sandwich -various sandwiches, ribs and I think spaghetti. I like their pastrami sandwiches. 1/2 is plenty of food for me, although we also get the spicy fries which are pretty decent. I think the big attraction is the huge beer selection. You can't get a beer without ordering food, though.

        1. yeah, i was going to stop by stuffed for the beers, but i knew i'd have to get food too, so was just wondering what to get most likely it will be the pastrami, i presume it's a steaming pastrami dip a la the hat or johnnie';s pastrami, thanks.

          1. It's safe to get the sub at the Stuffed Sandwich. Good value for what you get, and it's pretty much what you'd expect. Good for a casual lunch on a warm day.