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Aug 15, 2006 05:21 PM

What's New and Great at Tanglewood?

Heading up to the Lenox MA area for my yearly fix with the BSO. Would like to check out the best places to eat this year. Last year enjoyed Chez Nous in Lee and the Pillar in New York State. both were great. Looking for ideas for this year, anyone???

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  1. New restaurants Spice and Trattoria Rustica in Pittsfield are worth trying. Of course John Andrews outside Egremont is always good. Enjoy.

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    1. re: otisman

      I don't know when you last ate at Trattoria Rustica but my last 2 meals have been extremely disappointing, very expensive and I won't go back. And they were my favorite Italian in the berkshires.
      (and just a note to add that they aren't new, they have been here for at least 4 years)

    2. I think John Andrews is the best restauraant in the Berks.

      1. i 2nd john andrews is the best in the a search and you will see a bunch of reports. i have sent a lot of chowhounds there and all have raved. just the best...

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        1. re: niccole

          Add my recomendations for John Andrews. It is great (really great) not just good. It is not inexpensive but not outlandish either. I have not been in a little while and that is silly since I live not too far away.

        2. Best breakfast and weekday lunch I've had this summer is Cafe Reva on Tyler St. in Pittsfield, just up from BMC.
          Wonderful fresh food, great selection and a real hidden gem!!!!

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            Do you remember where on Tyler? What's the cooking style like?

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              Cafe Reva is in the 200 block, not too far past the Hess station on the same side of the street. Breakfast and lunch only - but breakfast is served all day!
              I had the best veggie wrap I've ever had. Veggies grilled with balsamic still crisp and wonderful goat cheese. The Wrap was crisp and blistered. Just amazing for 7.50!!
              My friend had a wonderful burrito.
              The menu was so great sounding it was almost impossible to order.
              I've heard raves about their stuffed french toast too.

              I know the ownder was the chef at 7 Hills Inn in Lenox years ago and her food was at the top of the list in the Berkshires then.

          2. What's the word on Spice? Has anyone been?

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            1. re: parsifull

              I've been waiting for some word on Spice too. Looks like they usually have a decent crowd, even ON weekday nightS.