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Aug 15, 2006 05:03 PM

Event Announcements

So what exactly is the CH policy on the pre-announcement of events? In the past, most were instantly deleted, but other "favored" events allowed to remain, without explanation of what was permitted and what wasn't. (Post-hoc discussion was always allowed.)

What raises the question again is the following announcement of the Brooklyn Pie Social:

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  1. And there's now a thread discussing the yet-to-be BBQ-NYC, including a link to its web site:

    Nothing at all against either of these worthy events, but lots of similar threads have been taken down. Policy statement, Hounds-in-Charge?

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    1. re: meatme

      This is a food event that's been going on for many years and was announced on this site by Jim Leff a long time ago:

      I believe we were advised on SiteTalk shortly before the CNet changeover that the food events policy was being revisited. Why not just go with the flow and if you find the info valuable then make use of it, if not then ignore instead of questioning every food event discussion that comes up.

      1. re: gnocchi

        Thank you for your advice, which I'm sure was meant in the kindest way. In return, I offer that you are free to ignore any post that you find superfluous or distasteful.

        The point of my posts was that advance notifications of many potentially interesting events have routinely been deleted, and we’ve been advised not to make such posts. The fact that our benefactor, Mr. Leff, happened to post about BBQ-NYC three years ago does not constitute a policy.

        As you say, the guys in charge have promised us guidelines—their purpose being to avoid unCH-like hype, but still let us receive valuable information. In the absence of such guidelines, we can only examine specific examples and try to infer what’s allowed and what’s not.

        Thanks again.