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Aug 15, 2006 04:57 PM

Any good food in Grand Bend?

Golf tounament this weekend in grand bend, and I would love to avoid eating fast food the whole weekend...can anyone offer some recommendations?

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  1. This might be a week too late...I ate at Fine, A Restaurant on Sunday. It was amazing- the best meal I've had in Grand Bend- and I would say it is the same calibre as the nicer restaurants in Bayfield such as the Red Pump or the Little Inn.

    The bread basket was filled with about 4 types of bread- little corn muffins, scones, currant flatbreads, and a white bread.

    I ordered the poutine with duck confit, chevre & veal jus as my first course. It was better tasting than the poutine I ordered at JK Wine Bar in Toronto. The confit was crispy and rich, and the frites underneath were perfect.

    My second course was a panroasted pickerel (from Lake Huron) with roasted beets, corn and fingerling potatoes. It had a citrus sauce. Very nice.

    1. I went to Bayfield recently, go to The Little Inn for Lamb or The Martha Ritz for the BIG salad