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Aug 15, 2006 04:49 PM


Well, we took the plunge and celebrated our 20th anniversary at Cyrus Sunday evening. Complaints are minor and have more to do with the seating. We had made our reservations over a month ago and had specified this was an anniversary. After waiting 10 minutes for our table we were seated next to the service buffet. We declined and to the hostess' credit she came back 10 minutes later and seated us in a quiet dining area off the main room which was lovely. My personal gripe is places like this should not have tables next to the service buffet or if they do, save it for walk-ins who will be thrilled to get a table. Nuf said on that.

The service is wonderful, attentive without being overbearing. We chose the three course option($58). Here are some of the highlights: the Thai lobster salad was so fresh and flavorful it sparkled.
The red wine risotto with parmesan broth was simply one of the best things I have eaten in my lifetime.The panzotti way underwhelmed us both. Both of us had the beef striploin($20) supplement which was delicious. Next time I might opt for the rack of lamb. We shared the butter cream gelato,blueberry granita and corn fritters. FABULOUS. You can spend a great deal on wine here but we split a 375 ml great Chateauneuf de Pape($42) and it was plenty. One of us had a 2.5 oz and one of us had a 5oz pour of Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne to start. Frankly there seemed really to be little difference in the pours so I'd say go with the 2.5 oz pour. There was a lovely tray of tiny sweets brought to our table with coffee(we alwys have it after dessert) complete with a candle(nice touch).

This is a discovery menu and one can choose your courses in any way you seem fit. They do ask permission to sequence your dishes as the chef would suggest the tastes unfold.I'd trust them on this one.

I'd go again in a heartbeat!

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm taking my fiance there on Thursday for his birthday, and am looking forward to the meal! Did you feel the 3 course option was sufficient since they have the 5 course option also?

    1. We did feel the 3 course option was sufficient. Mind you we had a snack around 3 pm and our dinner was @ 8. They do serve an amuse bouche as well. To my memory you can order a 4 course for $69 and add courses for $11 as you so desire. Just do get that lobster "appetizer" and the red wine risotto for certain.
      We actually found splitting an appetizer and dessert to work with a pasta and a plat for each to be plenty. I was quite full. Be forewarned~corkage is $35 which might still be worth it if you want a really good bottle of wine. We had cocktails in the bar while waiting: (campari and soda and a lillet @$9/each! The last time I paid that much for a drink was at the Hotel Danieli in Venice,Italy and the view was worth every euro deflated US penny).

      Let them know it is his bday. You will probably also get the small tray of sweets with candle we did. They also send you home with a small bag of three sweet treats.

      1. Also if either one of you eat foie gras there is an entire selection of same. It is wasted on us!

        1. What more can you tell us about the risotto? I am a huge fan. Was the parmesan broth added after the cooking? How did the red wine effect the overall color and taste?

          1. I was at Cyrus last Sat. night. Had the caviar tasting with the local Iron Horse sparkling wine. I think Mr.Kittee and I both ended up with the 4 course option after that. The seared foie gras with the pistachio donut and sour cherries was beautiful. Unfortunately I have been plagued by a string of crummy foie gras dishes in the past few months but this one made up for it all.

            I also had the "Truffled Red Wine Risotto with Parmesan Broth". The rice ended up a deep red color- nice understated truffle flavor. Sometimes I find truffle overbearing but this was subtle. The parmesan broth was most likely added just at the end as it was not fully soaked into the rice. Rice was still very al dente. The broth was lovely and frothy. An excellent risotto. Tamarind glazed duck after that- was a perfectly good dish but not at the level of the first two for me anyway.

            On the waiter's recommendation I had a dessert I would NEVER have chosen on my own-- Caramel soup with kettlecorn sorbet and chocolate filigree. It comes in a bowl with sorbet at the bottom, then the chocolate filigree "grill" resting on the bowl with some popcorn on top- then the warm caramel soup is poured over it all and it melts together into a rich, yummy soup. All in all I probably should have gone a bit lighter on one or two of the dishes- but I didn't really think it through.

            My only quibble with this place is there are probably 2 too many tables in the dining room. It is far too cramped for the number of servers, rolling carts of cheese, caviar etc and tables. Also, we had 4 main servers that we interacted with a lot and then 4 more that came to our table at least twice. Too many people-- it was very distracting.