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Aug 15, 2006 04:35 PM

Moroccan in Ottawa?

Does anyone know a good Moroccan restaurant in Ottawa?

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  1. La Gazelle, it's actually located on the Quebec side in Hull-sector/Gatineau. I went there with a moroccan coworker - his treat - and whoa, did they deliver. Maybe it was because he knew the owners, but we got some seriously good food there. The atmosphere is alright too! I had the soup of the day (some sort of delicately spiced chick pea soup) and lamb tagine - excellent!

    1. My two favourites:

      Fatima, in Old Hull - either the buffet or à la carte, it's affordable, tasty and cute.

      Kasbah Village, on Laurier - the food and decor more than make up for the location.