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Aug 15, 2006 04:28 PM

Good Taco Tuesday in LA?

I've already been to Duke's in Malibu, but anyone got any other Taco Tuesday suggestions? Or, are there any other special Tuesday deals I have to try?

Thanks all!

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  1. You may have to call, but I'm pretty sure that Don Chuy's has one buck tacos on Tuesday.

    Don Chuy's is on Washington Place and I can't remember the cross street -- I think it's McLaughlin.

    I like their tacos for the tortillas. The corn tortillas are freshly made.

    I'm not sure these are better than, say, Tacomiendo (who has fresh tortillas every day), but they are cheap on Tuesday and Don Chuy's has the advantage of being a sit down restaurant with a full bar. So you can enjoy your tacos with a marg or a beer.

    1. There's Taco Tuesdays at Marix Tex Mex. I know a couple of people who tried and liked it, although I've never tried it myself.

      Taco Tuesdays
      Marix Tex Mex
      1108 N. Flores
      West Hollywood, CA
      (323) 656-8800

      All-you-can-eat beef, chicken, carnitas or veggie tacos served w/beans and rice for $7.95!

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      1. re: pleasurepalate

        i second this recommendation. very lively fun atmosphere. however, expect at least a 30 minute wait...and if i recall correctly, their margaritas are better than most.

        1. re: pleasurepalate

          Their website says you start with 3 tacos with beans & rice and they'll keep bringing tacos til you can eat no more. Does that mean you have to eat ALL the beans and rice FIRST before you get the 4th Taco?? You know, like at an all-you-can-eat Sushi Bar where you have to consume ALL the rice before you get any more.

          Also, you have the option of eating $1.50 happy-hour tacos in the bar Mon-Fri. Are they the exact same ones as the A.Y.C.E.??

          APB - If it Tuesday, then it must be Rubio's for $1 fish tacos after 4 p.m.

          1. re: JBC

            they keep the tacos coming even if you dont touch the rice and beans...ive never eaten in the bar but i believe that they are the same.

        2. Taco WEDNESDAY at Don Antonio's on Pico at Barrington
          $1 hard and soft tacos
          very popular with UCLA students, gets crowded, smoking on the back patio