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Aug 15, 2006 04:27 PM


Looking for some yummy cupcakes to bring for a baby shower . . .any recommendations? I've seen postings for Sprinkles and Susiecakes . . .any thoughts? A place close to West LA/Beverly Hills is preferrable. Thanks, Chowhounds!

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  1. I love Sprinkles and just tried Susiecakes--they were great. The little shot of frosting in the middle of the cupcake was perfect. I tried Susiecakes chocolate and vanilla. Chocolate was best--nice and moist. The vanilla cake was a bit dry. They had a lot of other really yummy looking flavors too.
    I hear buttercakes on Pico near Westside Pavillion is good, but never tried the cupcakes.
    Good luck and happy tasting!

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      You have truly got to try My Little Cupcake! They have great traditional flavors, but also some esoteric offerings. Their Death by Chocolate is divine.

    2. Buttercak is GREAT! Not too many flavors, but each and every one is fluffy and flavorful. Basically there's chocolate or vanilla topped with regular (pink, lavendar, green, or yellow frosting plus rainbow sprinkles) or coconut frosting. Then there's red velvet with cream cheese frosting and red sprinkles. You can get a big one for $1.75 or miniature ones for under $1.

      Did you see Dommy!'s recent red velvet journeys? She seems to be a Sprinkles detractor, except for red velvet:

      Clementine across from the Century City mall is also supposed to have good cupcakes.

      1. I affirmatively dislike Sprinkles. I think their cupcakes are way too sweet, and otherwise lack flavor. (And the lines just add insult to injury.)

        I really like Leda's ( ), but she is outside of your West LA/BH geographic limit.

        If you have a couple of days before the shower, your best bet may be Clementine (1751 Ensley Ave., (310) 552-1080). Cupcakes need to be ordered in advance, but they have several varieties, all of which are excellent.

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          You would like sprinkles if you've tried Carvel's sprinkles! is their supplier! they are the best tasting i've EVERY had they actually taste like something..not a mouthful of wax! LOL

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            I agree...Sprinkles is HORRIBLE. Every single time I have had a cupcake from there the cake has been dry and the frosting is mediocre. I don't even like the texture of their cupcakes, not fine enough.

            Some of my co-workers who are addicted to Sprinkles' red velvet cupcakes, but the best ones I have ever had are from The Cobbler Lady. OMG - AMAZING. Moist. Delicious. Perfect frosting to cake ratio. Their cupcakes are so popular, they put a six cupcake maximum on how many you can purchase. They also have carrot cake and 7-up cupcakes too (they were out when I wanted to try them). Oh, and their cobblers are amazing too. They're at 3854 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, 90008. Website:

          2. A friend of mine has traveled the city looking for good cupcakes, and she claims that Joans on Third has the best cupcakes around. I remember her not liking Sprinkles as much. Personally, I haven't sampled the cupcakes at any of these places. But my friend is quite passionate about Joan's.

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              the chocolate marshmallow and peanutbutter marshmallow cupcakes sold at joan's on third are super moist and super yummy and there's no wait!

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                I was very disappointed with the cupcakes I had at Joan's. Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock were very good.

                1. re: Funwithfood

                  Sprinkles is poo.

                  Auntie Em's is alright. I tried their red velvet and the coconut. Auntie Em's red velvet does not use cocoa powder though. It is strictly a yellow cake with food coloring. I spoke with the Manager on this. Both were too sweet for me and the icing to ratio were off. Maybe this is because I bought the mini's. Too much icing.

                  I'm still on the search for a moist pudding cake type cupcake with a light whipped frosting. I'm over the buttercreams.

              2. Thanks for all the great recommendations. I will report back on where I decide to go. May just be Buttercakes as that is the closest. . . but Joans sounds tempting. Thanks again Chowhounds!